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Next Nov. 30th, the city of Copenhagen is to accommodate the 2009 conference on global warming, in follow up to Kyoto. In honor of this event, the Danish authorities have planned to expose an exemplary concept of the sustainable city.

An international, open design competition was organized mid-2008 to select the urban renewal project for a 200 hectare site on a former harbour area. The scope of the operation, which includes a cruise ship terminal, is 40,000 inhabitants, 40,000 jobs, 40,000 bikes! This is the byword chosen to illustrate the program for the new urban area.

IOSIS CONCEPT participated in the competition, putting its creative and logical approach to the sustainable city to work. The project proposed is composed of a series of urban units of distinct character, each of which is organized around a harbor basin and all of which are interlinked by double public transport systems (subway and boat shuttle) as well as by a very dense network of soft means of transport. The morphology of the urban fabric optimizes the solar energy gains. ‘Energy Islands’ built on the sea. Harness energy from the sun, the wind and from marine currents. Specialists from various IOSIS company entities have participated in defining this sustainable development project. The project has been awarded a purchase amongst 180 entries.

  • Type: _polis
  • State: Concours
  • Year: 2008
  • City: Copenhaguen
  • Client: Ville de Copenhague
  • Team: Iosis Concept (Elioth)+Enia
  • Delivery: Conception et prospective urbaine