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Geoffroy Guichard Stadium

The renovation of the Geoffroy Guichard Stadium in Saint Etienne touches one of the temples of football in France. The successive construction of tribunes and roof frame works mark a milestone with the passage of draft standards for the organization of UEFA European Cup 2016. The increase of space, comfort of the spectators, the continued operation during construction, the occurrence of seismicity in Saint Etienne are parameters that shape this project, whose ambition is to give a unity to the personality of the stadium.
The project involves the structural design of new structures (angles, Parret, Snella), but also by the conversion of the existing structure of the tribune Faurand, whose columns are deleted.

  • Type: _sce
  • State: Chantier en cours
  • Year: 2010
  • City: Saint Etienne
  • Client: Saint Etienne Métropole
  • Area: 37 000 m²
  • Team: Léon Grosse, Atelier d’Architecture Chaix & Morel Associés, Iosis Rhônes-Alpes
  • Delivery: Conception charpentes