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Parisian Metabolism Animated Visualization

metabolisme.paris.fr, a website developed by Elioth for the City of Paris, is now live! The challenge of this visualization was to popularize the concept of urban metabolism, or how energy, material and water flows are set in motion to support a territory’s activity. This tool shows concrete and local optimization solutions of this flow circulation, as proposed by the much talked about circular economy. How could we reuse materials from demolitions instead of importing new ones? How could waste be turned into energy or reusable materials?

Built for the call for projects “Urban Metabolism Optimization” initiated by the City of Paris, the website presents multiple examples of effective and already operating solutions, as well as the laureate projects. It also provides access to contextual visualizations and comments from city to regional levels (Paris, Great Paris and Ile-de-France), trends…


Website :



Demo video :


  • Type: _POLIS
  • State: Réalisé
  • Year: 2015
  • City: Paris
  • Client: Paris
  • Budget: 50k€
  • Delivery: Développement Web