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Bioclimatic design, building physics, advanced digital simulations, urban modeling, zero carbon strategies and design at any scale, Life Cycle Assessment and R&D of materials: the core of Elioth’s ecological commitment.

Faced with  the energy, climate and material transitions, our approach looks at remodelling  methods for design. Our motto: innovation and creativity as tools for transition towards sustainable lifestyles. No gadget: realistic, concrete and sustainable solutions Our design engineers have a keen interest in social, cultural and technical evolution and dedicate their expertise to providing efficient proposals at all scales. From the sketch design to the most complex parametric simulations, Elioth imagines, develops and optimizes projects while constantly looking to maintain the balance between architecture, technical design and low carbon strategies. Elioth has a unique interdisciplinary expertise in life cycle assessment, water and materials cycles, multisensory optimization of environments and comfort to describe, understand and anticipate the physical and dynamic phenomena that govern spaces. Whatever the scale, rationnalizing energy consumption, contibuting to climate change mitigation, sustainably developing territories while always aiming to minimize the environmental footprint of human activities. It involves  committed and innovative engineering running transversally across traditional fields of expertise.


  • VRay, Radiance, Diva and Ladybug (lighting and rendering)
  • Flovent, 6 Sigma, IES, Archiwizard, PVsyst (environment and energy)
  • ACVElioth, Carb’Elioth, Elodie (life cycle assessment)
  • Grasshopper (parametric modeling)
  • Smartgrid Calculator
  • Ecosphere (systemic calculation of urban systems)
  • Ecotect analysis
  • Envi-Met (3D microclimate modeling)
  • R and Processing (data design)
  • Eliostat and RainElioth (climate analysis)




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Frise projet :

Palais de justice de Caen / Triangle Tower / Stade de Bordeaux / EDF Bas carbone / SMR