The lab

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Internal & external R&D, workshops & conferences, datadesign & innovative tools, experimental architectures with 169-architecture.The Lab, our melting pot to boost curiosity and new solutions.

Internal R&D. To reflect on new methods (Life Cycle Assessment, Low Carbon building standards), create new tools (ClimElioth, MicroGrid, Met’Elioth), capitalise and share knowledge the most open and efficient way (WikiElioth), innovate in our design and engineering methods(BIM integrated energy modelling), development and cataloguing of innovative and low carbon materials (Teamber team,…) The Lab boosts Egis and Elioth’s thirst for innovation.

R&D for our customers and partners. The Lab acts as an innovation consultant for institutions (“Ground surfaces with variable albedo” for the SPL in Lyon Part-Dieu), for large corporations (EDF R&D for bifacial photovoltaics and can also provide technical & creative expertise to start-ups.

Research and education. For ten years, the Lab has been taking part in institutional research programs (ANR, Puca), writing scientific publications, speaking in conferences (Woodrise, AAG, CisBat, Assises de l’énergie) and fostering close ties with architecture and engineering schools (Ponts ParisTech, EAV&T, EPFL). The Lab can also provide creative training, as part of a wider Egis consultancy expertise.

Data design and innovative tools. To explore new digital tools (R, Python), experiment working in different ways (OpenSource, Github, Slack), to create tools dedicated to the research of new optimals (evolutionary algorithms), to explore new geometries through parametric design, to accelerate  responses to complex issues and to design new representations of complexity (Dataviz). This is just a glimpse of what the Geek Club does within the Lab.

Experimental architecture. With its own integrated laboratory for architecture (169-architecture), the Lab offers unique solutions for very low carbon construction and for the integration of renewable energies. Some recent references include: delivery in 2017 of the timber entrance canopy of the  Marguerite de Navarre entrance in Châtelet-Les Halles, foresight urbanism with the “Renaissance des Fabriques” in Lille: winner of the EDF Low Carbon design competition, invention of new renewable energy archetypes (Wind-it, Montagne Solaire, Cellter), experimental deisgn with FAIRE, Paris (reuse and construction with the Pompidou Centres  curved glazing as part of the extended renovation), participatitve and low carbon urbanism (reinventing the public square in Paris) and the foresight design  of very low carbon harbours(Saint-Malo)…

Our favourite themes

  • Design and zero carbon strategies
  • Adapting to climate change
  • Forecsight in the eveolution of climate
  • Energy / spatial / morphology studies
  • Urban multicriteria optimisation
  • Complexity visualisation
  • Statistical treatment of urban data
  • Urban metabolism


  • Renewable energy design
  • Urban furniture design
  • Thermal renovation ecodesign
  • Consulting in foresight design
  • Prototyping and site follow-up
  • Project development and innovation incubation
  • Development and creation of industrial property assets


  • SoldWorks and parametric CAD
  • Processing
  • R
  • Python
  • EnviMet
  • VBA, C#
  • @Risk
  • Models and prototypes
  • 3D print
  • Open hardware and Arduino


Un peu de lecture ?

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Sobre / Wind-it / EDF bas carbone / Clip’n Clim