_ Ecologies urbaines

Elioth carries out creative, responsible and realistic thinking on the subjects of territorial strategies.
In the face of energetic, climatic and environmental uncertainties, our approach aims to reinvent methods for design and urban development and to harness innovation for the transition towards sustainable lifestyles. To this end, we analyze different possible
scenarios for the city of tomorrow while feeding our insatiable
appetite for understanding its social, cultural and technical evolution.
Urban design brings together a multitude of issues and constraints whose analysis and synthesis are complex. In order to take the right decisions in terms of programming or urban design, we develop tools and systemic methods which allow us to describe, understand and anticipate the physical and dynamic phenomena that govern the urban reality.
We have equally powerful numerical simulation and parametrical optimization tools which enable us to determine the environments and climatic comfort in outdoor spaces or to optimize the urban morphology according to local constraints and opportunities. Our ambition for the next 100,000 hours: developing economic analysis tools at a local scale!


  • Urban Strategy
  • Regional Forward Planning
  • Modeling and systemic analysis
  • Environmental and urban comfort simulations
  • Urban Data treatment and design data (data design)
  • Design and experimentation
  • Integration and design of energy solutions


  • Parametric Modeling with Grasshopper
  • Smartgrid Calculator
  • Ecosphere (systemic calculation of urban systems)
  • Ecotect analysis
  • Envi-Met (microclimate 3D modeling software )
  • R and Processing (data design)
  • Eliostat and RainElioth (climate analysis)

Specific projects by urban modeling here