Facade design

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Curtain walls, unit facades, double-skin systems, structural glass, tensile or inflatable fabric structures, integration of renewable energies into  building envelope: unique interdisciplinary skills serving building envelopes.

Envelope design is a key central factor in the combined skills of the Elioth team. The pooling of our environmental designers’ expertise on one side with our structural engineering skills on the other around a core of façade technology experts to form a performance led design group motived by the goal to providing low energy, low carbon envelope solutions as an inherent part of the architectural whole.

The extensive knowledge of materials and products and technologies enables us to meet the challenge of bold architectural designs: large span, cold bent and complex geometry  facades, structural glazing ETFE and composite envelopes. By putting ecological and energetic concerns at the core at its approach, Elioth provides its expertise through envelope techniques such as the use of bio-sourced materials and building integrated photovoltaics. By removing the barriers between engineering disciplines, Elioth channels its unique simulation capacities into developing the perfect façade solution: envelope parametric models for  optimisation of  natural daylighting, evolutionary algorythms  to define the optimal geometry for solar protection, thermo-aeraulic simulations to optimize airflow through openings…


  • Concept and structural design
  • Envelope diagnostic checks
  • Studies (feasibility to tenders)
  • Construction (study,VISA, management, assistance)
  • Optimization studies
  • Environment studies
  • Natural airflow and thermal buoyancy studies
  • Economic analysis and life cycle assessment
  • Project management assistance


  • Curtain walls or frame facades
  • Double-skin
  • Structural glass
  • Tensile or inflatable fabric structures


  • Calculation
    • GSA
    • Robot
    • Vitrage décision
    • Flixo
  • Modeling:
    • Rhinoceros 3D
    • Grasshopper
    • Revit
    • Autocad
    • Solidworks



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Projects :

Clip’n Clim  / SMR / Sister Tower / Hekla Tower /  Alexis de Toqueville Library /