Preparing for the update of its Climate Plan, the City of Paris lead a strategic study to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050.

The Elioth consortium (Egis group), lead consultant with the Egis Conseil teams, Quattrolibri (consultancy focusing on low carbon strategies) and Mana (engineering and sociological consultancy), contributed to this study, whos conclusions have just been published.

As a pioneer in the field, the City of Paris, preparing for the update of its Climate Plan, has launched a strategic study with the goal to achieving carbon neutrality by 2050;

The Elioth consortium, a subsidiary of Egis group, specialised in R&D and innovative low carbon design (lead consultant), with Quattrolibri, the Egis Conseil teams and Mana contributed to this study, for the City of Paris to have an external, independent and impartial vision of the various issues to be considered. The measures proposed by the consortium are meant to open the debate for a transition towards a low carbon city and to offer a vision shared by all its inhabitants.

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