Located on the grounds of an ancient brewery, Adelshoffen’s new ecodistrict does justice to the past history of the location by reconverting the age-old beer tanks into town energy captors. Solar energy can then be stored to supply the district in heating and in domestic hot water.

The interseasonal heat storage captors will draw energy  from solar panels and any heat that can be recuperated from the cooling systems of leasable areas thus providing a pooling of energy over time and space.


  • Ville : Schiltigheim
  • Client : Foyer Moderne de Schiltigheim
  • Superficie : 26 000 m²
  • Budget : 43 M€
  • Équipe : DENU et PARADON architectes, Elioth et Iosis Est
  • Prestation : Conception du réseau de chaleur avec stockage intersaisonnier