Elioth has been involved in the Jeddah airport project from the competition stage right through to the development design stage in order to set up the green building considerations and implement a LEED-certified green building for energy, water and comfort (Silver certification level aimed at).

Among the design services carried out, a full energy-simulation was undertaken using the ASHRAE 90.1 method, Appendix G, to determine with precision the building energy performance. CFD simulations allowed to validate the thermo-aeraulic comfort of certains areas of the airport.

Elioth designed a 8.4 MWc photovoltaic installation (over 40,000 m²) integrated into the sundowners. Lastly, Elioth was responsible for coordinating and supervising the follow-up of environmental demands related to the thematics mentioned above with French and Saudi Engineering companies.

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  • Ville : Jeddah
  • Client : ADPi (KAIA)
  • Superficie : 680000 m²
  • Budget : 1200 M€
  • Équipe : IOSIS + ZFP
  • Prestation : Etudes environnementales LEED énergie, eau et confort + conception et ingéniérie structures spéciales