The purpose of the exercise was to assist APUR in setting up a Local Energy Plan. We studied the stakes, the opportunities and the constraints of the integration of photovoltaic and thermal solar panels for the Greater Paris metropolis. This study first recalls the characteristics of the two main technologies for converting solar, photovoltaic (electricity) and thermal (low temperature, possibly cold) energy, and compares their respective technical and economic advantages and disadvantages. It also presents the challenges of integrating renewable energies into the grid, with the notions of self-consumption and self-generation for photovoltaic.

It then quantifies the surfaces of panels that can be installed for 8 typologies of buildings typical of the Paris metropolis, from the Haussmann to the pavilion, as well as the technico-economic balances obtained between investment and production of electricity obtained: cost of production of kWh, performance of facilities…



  • City : Paris
  • Client : APUR
  • Surface area : 105 km²
  • Team : Elioth
  • Services : Urban and technical study of solar potential