The ‘Stade du 5 Juillet’ is the most renowned Algerian sports facility was built in 1972. It has been completely refurbished. Initiated between 2014and 2015.Started in 2013 for Egis this project had just taken a big step forward with a new stage for a full scope engineering studies regarding the increase of the stadium capacity, the construction of new grandstands and a new stadium roof.

This new roof is a highly complex and challenging structure requiring to be structurally independent from the existing stadium base. It was designed both by Elioth and ATSP who recently completed its sketch design

This has led us to design a radial truss beam system which is supported by slender columns around the perimeter and is suspended internally from two monumental arches which span the entire width of the stadium. The arches reach a height of around 90m for a span close to 300m and go towards the iconic identity of the new development.

As part of the design studies, Elioth had carried out sun studies to assess the best roof surface maximizing both the sun protection for the spectator sand the sunlight on the field needed for its growth



  • City : Algiers
  • Surface area : 50 000 m² de toiture
  • Team : ATSP / Egis / elioth
  • Services : Conception technique de la toiture, des façades et conception environnementale


Algiers Province, Algérie