The grand stade is a project initiated by the French rugby union whose goal is to reveal and enhance the popularity of Rugby in France.

With an atypical external appearance, Populous architects have imagined this stadium to represent the invincible citadel of the French rugby team.

As a prominent part of the design team, Elioth was in charge of the following key elements:

  • Design optimization of the roof (fixed and retractable parts).
  • Technical strategy for the façades
  • Environmental design.

Drawing on our expertise in 3D truss structures, the roof of the stadium is made of a truss structure supported by an oval tension ring. It will be the first stadium constructed according to this design to incorporate a retractable roof. During early design stages, the shape of the roof and the beam layout were fixed after extensive optimization studies with a tonnage reduction close to 40% compared to the initial design.

Various materials are incorporated in the design of the stadium façade: stone cladding for the primary external walls, glazed curtain walls for reception areas and VIP boxes and timber cladding for the monumental entrance arches. Elioth was appointed as technical advisor for the façade and has helped the architects to make a project which complies with their initial sketches and stays within the client’s budget.

The scale of the project implies that particular attention was given to the environmental impact is plan. Three main subjects were investigated during the studies: the reduction of the environmental impacts, the possible utilization of local resources of the site and the optimization of the atmospheres and of human comfort levels.

The following solutions were proposed:

  • implementation of refrigerated and calorific water storage tanks,
  • connection of the stadium to the urban heating network,
  • creation of photovoltaic and thermal solar production,
  • storage and the re-use of rainwater with 800 m ³ of tanks,
  • use of recycled or low carbon materials, (eg. concrete, material of seats)
  • Passive treatment of the comfort of the stadium including natural ventilation.



  • City : Evry
  • Client : FFR
  • Surface area : 90 000 m² de toiture
  • Budget : 600 000 k€
  • Team : Populous / Atelier 2/3/4 / Egis
  • Services : Conception technique de la toiture des façades et conception environnementale


1 Route du Télégraphe, 91130 Ris-Orangis, France