Silva tower is a bio-sourced 18 floors housing building made of 15 timber storeys lying on a three-storey concrete base. To ensure users safety and comfort in this unprecedented project, Elioth provided a detailed design a mixed structure made of a concrete core and peripheric timber skeleton.



  • City : Bordeaux
  • Client : EPA Bordeaux
  • Surface area : 50m hight – 11 000 m² SDP
  • Budget : 30 000 k€
  • Team : Kaufman&Broad + Art&Build et Studio Bellecour Sacba // Integral Bois System (IBS) / Egeris // Egis Bâtiments // Elioth
  • Services : Study and design of the wooden structure and envelope during the competition phase. Complete modeling and pre-dimensioning of the wooden support structure and the concrete core. Optimization of the bracing exoskeleton according to the shape desired by the architects


33 Rue Carle Vernet et d’Armagnac – Bordeaux