The shipbuilding industry is currently experiencing a booming period resulting form the high demand of touristd for cruises. The french shipyard established in Saint Nazaire (STX France) since 1950 are building about 2 mega passenger ships a year; all with glazed surfaces increasingly bigger and closer to the floating line.

The glasroofs roofs, originaly uncommun on pasenger ships, are now frequents getting similars to those frequently incroporated in the building construction. As a result, STX France has called upon Elioth to assist them for the design and the calculation of several major glassroof on ships currently under construction.

So far, Elioth as undertaken on behalf of STX the technical studies for three distincts glassroofs creating succeful collaboration between two différents domains of the construction. Our intervention benefit to STX as it allow them acces to all knowledge and techniques from building construction field on special glass work.

For Elioth, in addition to studies on atypical glassroof, the collaboration with STX France was a occasion to question our design habit by integratting new design hypothesis and constrians usualy ignored on building:

– Wind/Sea pressure on glasses ranging up to 3.5t/ m2 (ten times more than the wind pressure at the top floor of a high rise tower).

– Wid natural frequencies range to be avoided due to the thrusters and other vibrations induced by ship machinery.

– Additional load cases specific to the ships at sea : acceleration, relative deformtaion between decks..



  • Client : STX France
  • Surface Area : 500 à 1000m² par Ouvrage
  • Services : Dimensionnement et conception technique de verrières


17 Avenue Antoine Bourdelle, 44600 Saint-Nazaire, France