How do you accommodate 120 000 newcomers to the Urban Community of Bordeaux without impacting on the ecological footprint.

Elioth based its proposal on the most favourable aspects and the potential of the land locally: Making the utmost of available space and underused urban systems. decrease in the number of m² per capita thanks to the introduction of a new tax incentive, equipment and infrastructures shared by integrating the factor time/use efficiency, public spaces having a great variety of uses in order to tally urban densification with an increase in services offered and improving the living environment.


To accompany and supervise the production process of new housing Elioth proposes the creation of a local charter – AOC (Controlled Certificate of Origin) Bordeaux construction, including major regional issues and the uncertainties of the future.


When the competitive dialogue phase ended, the team won an additional 9-month assignment on the theme of mixed-use, functionalities and urban values of major commercial sites served by public transportation.



  • Ville : Bordeaux
  • Client : CUB
  • Superficie : 55 000 ha
  • Équipe : OMA / Coloco / Iosis SO / CBRE / Elioth
  • Prestation : Elaboration de stratégies urbaines opérationnelles