Refurbishing of the Nieuport building’s consists of a complete overhaul of its facades. Elioth was in charge of the full façade package which was organized into three main elements:

–       The creation of a metal screen, placed over existing façade for sun control.

–       Construciton of a new lobby with high transparency façades

–       The removal of the existing atrium glass roof and the construction of an emblematic, complex geometry glass roof.


The geometrical resolution of the glazed roof provides a planar quadrangular panel system while retaining a constant perimeter edge height. The resulting glass roof is made of a steel grid shell which includes external tension ring which prevents horizontal loads from being transferred to the existing building structure.


The new hall façade is made of point fixed glazed panels.  Maximum transparency of the façade was achieved by eliminating all other vertical structure than the slender vertical suspension rods.


The screen is made of aluminum panels with a laser cut perforation pattern.

The principle subject was its fixation through the existing facade complex. Elioth provided a solution which preserved the existing facade and thus guaranteed that the envelope stayed within the projects’ costs constraints.



  • Ville : Vélizy
  • Client : AEW
  • Superficie : Verrière 500 m² / façade vitrée 200m² / résille 7200 m²
  • Équipe : SCGMA Architectes / Egis Bâtiment Ile de France
  • Prestation : Conception technique de la verrière et des façades


Unnamed Road, 29590 Lopérec, France