Prior to the launching of the Autolib’ bid, Assystem and Elioth spontaneously joined forces to expose their vision of the project from a creative and futuristic sustainable development angle to the decision makers of the town of Paris.

The purpose of the Assystem/Iosis Consortium was not to act in place of the automobile industry or any other building developers, but sought only to demonstrate how they could offer innovative solutions which went far beyond the usual products or services (car constructors, car rental companies). They insisted on the importance of an entirely different approach to mobility which would decrease the demands of the different modes of transportation on the ecological footprint and enhance the image of the Paris metropolitan area.

After their convincing presentation to the authorities of the town of Paris, Assystem and IOSIS have been chosen as Assistants to the Owner for the Autolib project.



  • Ville : Paris
  • Client : Ville de Paris
  • Équipe : Assystem + Elioth + Iosis Conseil + Egis
  • Prestation : Etudes prospective + mission d'AMO technique