The Porte Maillot station is a new public building to be opened by 2020 and required for the extension of the RER line E toward the west of Paris. A highly complex infrastructure project, the station is built within a 150m long and 28m deep channel. It was designed and calculated within the context of the dense underground of Paris adjacent to two other subway lines and an underground car park.


This project benefits from all the full breath of expertise of Egis group and its subsidiaries. The project is managed by Egis Rail; structural studies are by EgisGéotechnique and EgisIndustrie; MEP is by EgisBatiment. Elioth is in charge of the steel structure in the station and the design of its glazed roof.


The glazed roof is located at road level and extends over 150m in length above the platform. Its main function is to allow natural light to penetrate in the station.


Technically, the glazed roof is in fact an urban glazed floor as it is accessible to the public via the adjacent public square. At each end, the glass progressively makes way for steel cladding and the surface gradually rises up from ground level to 3m where station ventilation elements are integrated.


One of the improvements brought by Elioth to this project was to change its geometric definition in order to replace all curved glass panels by flat panels without changing the architectural aspect.


The steel structure of the station includes a large diversity of structural constraints with 4000t loadings on steel rods in some areas combined with optimized slender structures for footbridges in others.

This wide range of challenges was a wonderful “playground” for Elioth’s engineers and the good opportunity for them to demonstrate their technical skills and their ability to design elegant structures.



  • Ville : Paris
  • Client : Egis Rails – Arep – Agence Duthilleul
  • Équipe : Egis Rail / Egis industrie / Arep
  • Prestation : Conception technique de la verrière et des charpentes métalliques de la gare