Elioth participated in the international workshop organized by the City of Gothenburg which took place in Gothenburg from the 7th to the 11 June 2011. The objective was to reflect on the future of the town centre, called « RiverCity project » and to propose outlines and strategies in sustainable development for the next 50 to 70 years to come.

The aim of the workshop was to encourage discussions on the question of sustainable development which would focus on such areas as climate warming and rising water levels – a great part of the territory under screening already being a flood hazard area – and to promote an economical diversification in the region up until recently dominated by industrial and port activities.

The team’s proposal focused on the specialization of the different areas that compose the city in order to make the most of each area’s uniqueness, in particular as regards the production of renewable energy. The choice is reinforced by creating a network system which would ensure a harmonious distribution of the different resources throughout the territory.

Moreover, given the complexity of the urban system, our answer to the question of resilience in the face of climate change is to propose a « tool box » capable of moving strategically and appropriately in function of the opportunities and technological developments as they arise rather than a blanket solution which requires heavy investments and could lack reactivity when faced with the uncertainties of the future.



  • Ville : Suède
  • Client : Ville de Göteborg
  • Superficie : 450 km²
  • Équipe : GRAU + Lars Lerup, architecte, Hervé HUNZINGER, économiste
  • Prestation : Conseil environnemental, résilience au changement climatique