In the previous century, the Seguin Island symbolized an important change in lifestyle for the majority of the French people. This vocation could very well continue into the 21st Century if the Séguin Island were to become Paris’ first urban area to implement responsible and sustainable conditions which would logically and politically be at the forefront for the development of a town which would offer a harmonious blend of the charms of nature and urban necessities all the while respecting the Kyoto agreements and therefore protecting the young and future generations.

Elioth was given the opportunity to work with the Jean-Nouvel Architect’s office on this exceptional and symbolic site in order to develop a new approach to sustainable urban development which would call upon innovative ideas.

Renewable energies are at the heart of the project and with them Seguin Island will be able to strive toward neutral energy and become France’s top urban photovoltaic laboratory. Equipped with 30 000 m² of photovoltaic solar panels, the site will be able to compete with its European neighbours’ installations. Water from the river Seine will be used as a thermal moderator to supply the offices in natural ventilation.



  • Ville : Boulogne-Billancourt
  • Client : SAEM (via AJN)
  • Superficie : 11 hectares
  • Budget : _
  • Équipe : Atelier Jean Nouvel + Elioth