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Maxwell’s demon is a mobile infrastructure which allows to:

Store water coming from the network thus ensuring water supply

Produce fresh water destined mainly to reduce cooling needs (air conditioning units, refrigerators, etc…)

And lastly with this device to ensure the production of domestic hot water


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Fighting entropy

Like the thermodynamic paradox thought out by Maxwell at the end of the 19th century, our innovation recognizes and separates the warmth at the source (~30°) then produces fresh water at (~10°) and hot water at ~50°). It differs however from the Maxwell’s devil, insomuch that our device can count on a source of energy: photovoltaic panels installed on the roof. The latter supplies:

Pumps which allow water storage in 2 gravity water tanks each having a capacity of roughly 30 m3.

Heat pump water/water (estimated COP ~4,5+3,5~8)

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The volumes of water that are stored can help to reduce or even do away with electrical energy storage: one can therefore cut down on investments and repair/maintenance costs.

Maxwell’s devil is also a structure that evolves: The number of tanks can be increased thus offering the possibility of water supplies at different temperatures :

The photovoltaic canopy can be expanded to increase the production of solar electricity and participate for example in recharging electric vehicles

Several towers can be linked alongside each other and serve specific programmes.

Lastly, for those sites which have an interesting wind field, it would be possible to graft a wind turbine (vertical axis or horizontal axis)  onto the upper part of the structure

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  • Équipe : Elioth_lab