Selected projects

Allianz Riviera Stadium

Wood & steel structure (Wilmotte arch.)

Nice 2010


Plastic and visual Arts portal

Boulogne Billancourt 2013

The Maxwell's Devil

Positive Infrastructure #5


Library Glassroof

Smart panelling with Bruno Gaudin

Rennes 2012


A Sustainable Campus with Nicolas Michelin

Nancy 2012

Lyon Part Dieu District

Systemic analysis and public spaces climate design

Lyon 2012

Mobil Art

Landed in Paris

Paris 2011

ZAC Claude Bernard

Trilogy of architecture

Paris 19ème 2012

New stadium in Le Havre

Positive energy stadium with Scau

Le Havre 2012

Ministry of Defense in Balard

Energy + facades

Paris 2011

Pôle de Loisirs Lyon Confluence

BREEAM Assessment with Viguier

Lyon 2004

Claveau District

Urban Renewal

Bordeaux 2012

Oui Can

City without networks


Grand Paris

Second consultation for the scientific council

Paris 2012

LED Display

To be discovered in july 2013


Bioclimatism and mobility

Out of the home, into the car


Pierre Mendès France college


Rennes 2012

Innovative skin module

To be discovered by July 2013 ...


55 000 hectares for Nature

BeCitizen Team

Bordeaux 2012

Climate & energy guide books

Volume 1 : facade design


Typography & Architecture

A footbridge made of meanings

Panama 2012

Market Hall

Geometry + steel design

Fontainebleau 2012

Greater Moscow

Winner of the competition

Moscou 2012

Hub Footbridge

Salon de Provence 2012


Passive CPV | Positive Infrastructure #6



Urban App by Elioth



Wind-powered transmission line | Positive Infrastruture #2


Climatic furniture

To be discovered in July 2013


Tour Triangle

Low energy tower with Herzog & de Meuron

Paris 2008

Social medical centers in Africa

To be discovered in july 2013


Saint-Omer Aquatic Leisure Centre

with Jacques Rougerie

Saint-Omer 2011

Ignis Mutat Res

Looking at Architecture, the City and the Landscape Through the Prism of Energy

Paris-Milan-Shanghai 2012

Varanasi Footbridge

Parametric lattice


Vertical circulations in La Défense

Useful ground

Courbevoie 2012


Resilient Cities, institutional research with French National Research Agency (ANR)

Paris 2009

Vélodrome Stadium

Parametric design with Scau

Marseille 2010

Gothenburg Rivercity

Urban Prospective with GRAU

Suède 2011

50k Housings

for Bordeaux with OMA

Bordeaux 2010

Campus in Paris

with Périphériques architects

Paris 2003

Climate-Energy Analysis

Orléans 2011

Austerlitz station neighbourhood

with Jean Nouvel et AREP

Paris 2008

Green Office

Positive energy building

Meudon 2008

Majlis (Bahrein)

Sustainable hospitality with Moatti&Rivère

Manama 2009

Lycée Chenevière Malézieux

Sustainable rehab

Paris 2009

Generali Tower


Courbevoie 2007

Random Solar Massing

Solar gain optimization by Elioth

Copenhaguen 2008

Nya Arstafaltet

Stockholm ecodistrict with Archi5

Stockholm 2009

Majunga tower

New type of tower in La Defense with Viguier

La Défense, Paris 2009

Seguin island

Sustainable urban planning with Jean Nouvel

Boulogne-Billancourt 2010

Jeddah Airport

Leed & Complex Structures with ADPi

Jeddah 2009

Venlo Footbridge

Research & Design by Elioth | Positive Infrastructure #4

Venlo 2008

Bel-Air Water tank

Solar heating storage by Eliot | Positive Infrastructure #3

Montreuil-sous-Bois 2008

Solar Mountains

Solar Chimney | Positive Infrastructure #1



The Staircase of Michel de Broin

Rennes 2010

School Complex

with Archi 5 prod

Chatenay-Malabry 2010

UFR de Chimie

Mirror game with X'Tu

Paris 2003

Toll highway

with Explorations Architecture

Chamant et Fresnes 2010

Caen la Mer library

with OMA (Rem Koolhaas)

Caen 2010


Dual-flow ventilation system for collective housing renovation (patent)



Software & tool by Elioth


Low cost CSP technology

Solar design by Elioth

Jonzac 2010


Mobile fabric by Elioth

Paris 2009


Solar neighbourhood

Schiltigheim 2010

Geoffroy Guichard Stadium

Renovation (steelwork conception)

Saint Etienne 2010

BNPPI Headquarter

Double skin atrium

Issy-les-Moulineaux 2006

The Grand Paris

A metropolitan prospective in team with Jean Nouvel, AREP & MCD

Paris 2008

Trianum office

Efficient skins with Wilmotte

Rueil-Malmaison 2006

Château Guiraud

Bioclimatic winery with Leibar &Seigneurin

Sauternes 2008


R&D by Elioth

Paris 2009

Offices in Great Paris

with Foster+Partners

La Garenne Colombes 2009

Highschool in Toulouse

with Vasconi

Toulouse 2004

Digitéo Lab

Natural ventilation with Benhisch


Highschool in Revin

Low energy college with Scape

Revin 2008

N20 Office

Solar updraft with Michelin

Bordeaux 2008


An urban concept awarded

Copenhaguen 2008

Musée des Civilisations

Updraft on Reunion Island (with X'Tu)

Ile de la Réunion 2009

Tour Signal

Vertical street with Jean Nouvel

La Defense, Paris 2008

Elioth forms a team of fourty people within the Egis group. Just as Bourbaki sought to reformulate modern mathematics, we firmly believe that ecological emergency combined with the power of computer tools naturally leads to a revolutionary re-thinking in matters of engineering approach and design practice. There is no doubt in our minds that the trilogy engineer-designer-inventor has not only a role to play but also a duty toward society and the planet [...]


Latest News

(Français) Redécouper les régions selon l’énergie ?

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The Majunga Tower : natural ventilation of a hi-rise

The Majunga Tower is slowly revealing itself in Le Moniteur magazine!

”Majunga” has the distinguishing feature of being a high-rise building operating on natural ventilation.

Photographs in this article show the openings thanks to which this type of ventilation is made possible.

Elioth had the pleasure of working on the environmental concept of the tower, developing all the environmental studies (including air flow simulations) and which are in the process of being finalized for the construction phase BREEAM certification (BREEAM Award International 2012).

Teamber by Elioth

Because we can all benefit from teamwork and as timber is at the heart of our values, Elioth launched Teamber.

More informations here.

International Conference on Structural Engineering

Elioth will attend the International Conference on Structural Engineering (ISCE) in Singapore the following 30th and 31st of March, to present our achievements in the geometrical / structural / envelope design of the Rennes Library and the Nice Stadium – Allianz Riviera.

(Français) La verrière de Rennes publiée dans le Moniteur

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Elioth at the IASS

Elioth was invited to present 2 articles for the 2013 edition of the IASS (International Association for Shells and Spatial Structures) which took place in Wroclaw, Poland, last September.

The first article which presented the last developments for Solar Mountains caught the interest of the persons working on Solar Chimneys.

The second article axed on geometrical and structural studies (global analysis + sketch details) undertaken for the glass roof of the University Library of Rennes (Arch. Bruno Gaudin) was presented to the group working on steel spatial structures.

QAI 1 – Wacken

As part of the restructuration project for the Wacken neighbourhood, the town and the Urban Community of Strasbourg decided to develop a highly multipurpose international business centre not far from the headquarters of the European parliament between the allée du Printemps and the boulevard de Dresde.

The first phase of this project comprises a construction programme of roughly 100 000 m² which includes offices, hotels and shops.

Elioth_polis, Erik Guidice Architects and Base landscapers landed the urban engineering contract for this international business centre for the part concerning environmental expertise.

Housing in Clichy Batignolles

Elioth was selected to take part in the design of the 2nd phase of the future Clichy Batignolles neighbourhood programme, unique in its scale, its ambitions and design approach.

With Elioth were also selected Fresh Architecture, Itar Architecture and Base Landscaper to design an exemplary project comprising 8 000 m² of housing and 500 m² of shops and services.

The design incorporates very strong environmental goals set down in close collaboration with the other actors/teams working on this grand project.

Inauguration of the Allianz Riviera Stadium

On Sunday 22nd September 2013, the new Nice stadium was inaugurated by the City and Nice Eco stadium in presence of Christian Estrosi, deputy Mayor of Nice and Jean-Pierre Jouyet, Managing Director of the Caisse des Dépots.

An ambitious architectural project situated in the Saint Isidore neighbourhood of Nice, the new stadium was baptized “Allianz Riviera” is a positive energy construction. It will be one of the stadiums hosting the Euro 2016.

Elioth carried out analyses to define the geometry of the stadium, the design of the wood-steel frame and the PVC and ETFE tensile fabric (40 000 m²) as well as the environmental efficiency of the structure.

The project comprises a multifunctional stadium with a seating capacity of 35 000, the National Sports Museum, 29 000 m² of completely integrated shops (shops are located under the esplanade of the stadium, the museum nestles in the North tribune), 1 300 of parking spaces 800 of which are underground and a 3-Ha landscaped park at ground level.

The frame of the stadium is made up of a tri-dimensional wood-steel frame covered with a PVC and ETFE tensile fabric and is equipped with photovoltaic panels.

The project is a forerunner in the domain of sustainable development and technical efficiencies : massive use of structural wood (3 100 m3), geothermal power for heating and cooling, natural ventilation, storm water recovery for watering the pitch and supplying water for the toilets, and implementation of a photovoltaic plant covering 8 500 m² thanks to which the stadium is eco-positive

Architecture of energy: urbanism options for a 2’000 watts society

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