Selected projects


Resilient Cities, institutional research with French National Research Agency (ANR)

Paris 2009

The Maxwell's Devil

Positive Infrastructure #5



Passive CPV | Positive Infrastructure #6



Wind-powered transmission line | Positive Infrastruture #2


Tour Triangle

Low energy tower with Herzog & de Meuron

Paris 2008

Ignis Mutat Res

Looking at Architecture, the City and the Landscape Through the Prism of Energy

Paris-Milan-Shanghai 2012

Varanasi Footbridge

Parametric lattice


Gothenburg Rivercity

Urban Prospective with GRAU

Suède 2011

50k Housings

for Bordeaux with OMA

Bordeaux 2010

Campus in Paris

with Périphériques architects

Paris 2003

Climate-Energy Analysis

Orléans 2011

Austerlitz station neighbourhood

with Jean Nouvel et AREP

Paris 2008

Green Office

Positive energy building

Meudon 2008

Majlis (Bahrein)

Sustainable hospitality with Moatti&Rivère

Manama 2009

Generali Tower


Courbevoie 2007

Random Solar Massing

Solar gain optimization by Elioth

Copenhaguen 2008

Nya Arstafaltet

Stockholm ecodistrict with Archi5

Stockholm 2009

Majunga tower

New type of tower in La Defense with Viguier

La Défense, Paris 2009

Seguin island

Sustainable urban planning with Jean Nouvel

Boulogne-Billancourt 2010

Jeddah Airport

Leed & Complex Structures with ADPi

Jeddah 2009

Venlo Footbridge

Research & Design by Elioth | Positive Infrastructure #4

Venlo 2008

Bel-Air Water tank

Solar heating storage by Eliot | Positive Infrastructure #3

Montreuil-sous-Bois 2008

Solar Mountains

Solar Chimney | Positive Infrastructure #1



The Staircase of Michel de Broin

Rennes 2010

School Complex

with Archi 5 prod

Chatenay-Malabry 2010

UFR de Chimie

Mirror game with X'Tu

Paris 2003

Toll highway

with Explorations Architecture

Chamant et Fresnes 2010

Caen la Mer library

with OMA (Rem Koolhaas)

Caen 2010


Dual-flow ventilation system for collective housing renovation (patent)



Software & tool by Elioth


Low cost CSP technology

Solar design by Elioth

Jonzac 2010


Mobile fabric by Elioth

Paris 2009


Solar neighbourhood

Schiltigheim 2010

Geoffroy Guichard Stadium

Renovation (steelwork conception)

Saint Etienne 2010

BNPPI Headquarter

Double skin atrium

Issy-les-Moulineaux 2006

The Grand Paris

A metropolitan prospective in team with Jean Nouvel, AREP & MCD

Paris 2008

Trianum office

Efficient skins with Wilmotte

Rueil-Malmaison 2006

Château Guiraud

Bioclimatic winery with Leibar &Seigneurin

Sauternes 2008


R&D by Elioth

Paris 2009

Offices in Great Paris

with Foster+Partners

La Garenne Colombes 2009

Highschool in Toulouse

with Vasconi

Toulouse 2004

Digitéo Lab

Natural ventilation with Benhisch


Highschool in Revin

Low energy college with Scape

Revin 2008

N20 Office

Solar updraft with Michelin

Bordeaux 2008


An urban concept awarded

Copenhaguen 2008

Musée des Civilisations

Updraft on Reunion Island (with X'Tu)

Ile de la Réunion 2009

Tour Signal

Vertical street with Jean Nouvel

La Defense, Paris 2008

Elioth is a multidisciplinary team of structural and environmental engineers, architects, designers and data scientists involved in consulting and innovative design, part of the Egis group.


Latest News

Aubervilliers footbridge

A new footbridge now crosses the “periphérique” at the Porte d’Aubervilliers in Paris! On the night of May 14 to 15, 2015, The infamous Parisien ringroad ground to a halt for a few hours while a 700 ton crane was positioned to complete the installation of the central span of the ZAC Claude Bernard bridge. At midnight, this 80metre long, 100 ton section was delicately raised into the air. A nail-biting 20 minutes later and the structure was in place. A dedicated site team took over and worked through the night to complete the assembly to the abutments.

Success! At daybreak, the cranes were folded and footbridge had found his place.

A little patience will be required however before you can tread its planks…

Brussels’ Parkway

Elioth is part of the winning team for the design and support of the urban project “Parkway Brussels” launched by the Territorial Development Agency for the Brussels-Capital Region. The team is led by TVK (attorneys architects) with Karbon, OLM, EGIS déplacements et mobilité and IDEA


The Elioth book is out !

Out now! Elioth, 10 years after:  looking back on ten years of practice. Check it out here. Happy reading!

Architecture of energy: urbanism options for a 2’000 watts society

Sorry, this entry is only available in Français.

Very happy !

…for the new rugby stadium in France.


Elioth wishes you a year full of ideas !

Climate change : are we prepared for that ?

Press release in french (!) here

Elioth at ICLEI

In the framework of the French research project RESILIS, Elioth has been selected to present its works in Bonn during the 2nd world international congress on resilient cities and adaptation to climate change. It is the first international opening for this project! The main goals of this project are to assess the urban system resilience and to help local authorities in improving their resilience in particular faced up to climate risks. Elioth is interested in climate change impact on energy needs and consumptions in buildings depending on local microclimates based on climate scenarios B2 (moderate case) and A2 (worse case) putting forward climate issues for future urban conceptions.

Elioth flyer

is now available in english version  :

page version (12 pages)

board version (2 boards)