A brief history.

Elioth is a brand of the Egis group, founded in 2003.

Elioth has provided support to leading project owners and architects, both in France and around the world, assisting them in the technical and creative translation of their architectural intentions. This work has been acknowledged by industry awards on many occasions.

The firm’s marked taste for research has been the catalyst for its creation of new tools, structures and the registration of innovation patents.

An innovative driving force working to promote construction excellence, an environmental ambition and the well-being of occupants.

  1. Elioth is born

    Ecology for everyday of the week

    Elioth was born in 2003 with the ambition of bringing together specialist designers and engineers to work towards demonstrating that a strong ecological commitment can be at the core of great design for our built environment. 

  2. Solar mountain

    Elioth’s first invention!

    The principle is a derivative of the concept of solar chimney: it involves using thermal air currents to generate electricity through turbines.

    Check out the vintage film!

  3. Grand Paris

    Paris gets greater

    In January 2008, the French Government launched the first phase of the Grand Paris mission. A marathon call for ideas then took place, spread over the space of a year, to propose a new vision of how Paris would change and evolve in the next 50 years. Elioth was thus given the opportunity to enter into this great adventure alongside Jean Nouvel architects. The study that Elioth proposed provided a global and exhaustive description of environmental solutions which would reinforce each and every one of the nine scenarios developed by the Jean Nouvel team.


  4. Metropolis Next Generation Prize

    Mark One Wind-it

    Nicola Delon, Julien Choppin and Raphael Menard won the Metropolis Next Generation Prize.
    Inserting wind turbines into broken electrical towers, thereby turning the towers into wind energy powerhouses and providing an energy boost to a ready-made grid.

  5. A big research year

    Four research programs in progress

    4 separate externally funded research programs were launched in the period from 2011 to 2014. These concentrated on the impact of climate change and scientific reseach into energy.
    These were Resilis, Reforme project, Impetus ANR and Adaptatio.

  6. BREEAM and LEED award

    Majunga Tower

    Elioth won an award for its BREEAM and LEED ratings for this tower in which we developed one of the first naturally ventilated systems for high rise office space, with Jean-Paul Viguier architectes.

  7. Stadia

    Light weight, low carbon design for Euro 2016

    In 2014, Elioth was given the opportunity to design the lightweight structure, environments and envelopes for 4 of the stadia used for the UEFA Euro 2016 football championships.

  8. "Polis" joins "EE"

    Urban modelling and energy-environment divisions merge

    Urban modelisation can no longer be considered as a prospective activity and is fully integrated into our environmental design process. 

    Together, they now form the “Environment” division.

  9. National Engineering Awards


    The French National Engineering Awards (Grand Prix National de l’Ingénierie) present their Industry and Technology prize to the project Wind-it, an innovative renewable energy generation solution developed since 2007 by Elioth.

  10. COP21

    With Encore Heureux architectes, winners of COP21 plenary hall design

    A radical zero-carbon structure to host the COP21. As part of our actions during the COP21 in Paris,  Elioth took steps towards trying to clarify misused or misunderstood environmental concepts for a larger audience.

  11. ADIVbois

    Elioth joins the ADIVbois association as chair of the technical committee

    Elioth joins the ADIVbois association to promote the timber industry and to help redefine european timber building regulations. Francois Consigny is appointed chairman of the technical committee.

  12. High Rise Structural Timber

    Elioth wins its first timber high rise building in Bordeaux

    Following this debut, Elioth has gone on to design some of the most challenging high rise timber towers currently under construction.

  13. Winner of the EDF low carbon competition

    169 and Elioth win the Lille design competition

    The competition asked participants to design the transformation of a district by projecting it into the future, taking into account climate warming and greenhouse gas reduction requirements. Our winning project, “The Factory of the Renaissance” offers a very precise and clear prospective vision, a true account of the world and society in 2050.

  14. Paris - an air of change

    A pathway towards carbon neutrality in Paris

    The Elioth consortium with Quattrolibri, the Egis Conseil teams and Mana contributed to this study, for the City of Paris to have an external, independent and impartial vision of the various issues to be considered.
    The measures proposed by the consortium opened debate for a political, technological and sociological transition towards a low carbon city and to offer a vision shared by all its inhabitants.

  15. BBCA quartier

    Elioth joins the Batiment bas carbon quartier group

    In 2018, the BBCA Association presented an unprecedented "BBCA Quartier" study carried out with CSTB and Elioth, which lay the foundations for a future operational approach to reduce carbon emissions on the scale of a district.

  16. Elioth London

    Elioth opens an office in London
  17. National Engineering Awards

    The French National Engineering Awards (Grand Prix National de l’Ingénierie) distinguish Elioth and Ingérop for the construction of the new national sea life centre, christened Planète Nausicaá, in Boulogne-sur-Mer (Hauts-de-France).
  18. Elioth Lyon

    Elioth opens an office in Lyon
  19. Winner of Sequences Bois Award

    Porte Marguerite de Navarre

    The Séquences Bois award is presented to Elioth and 169 architectures for the architecture and design of the Porte Marguerite de Navarre: a 300-sqm sandblasted glass canopy with a composite wood-steel structure, in the very heart of Paris.

  20. Elioth goes international

    Elioth teams up with Inhabit to form a global facade and environmental design partnership

    A combined specialized consultancy practice is formed with a focus on Facade Engineering and Environmental design. It draws its strength from Elioth’s European experience and the breadth of Inhabit’s International expertise and resources.

  21. Partnership with EPFL

    Research programme

    Catherine De Wolf is postdoctoral researcher at Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL). The aim of her research with Elioth is to develop a method that goes beyond the current existing state of the art in carbon footprint assessments for buildings, to also include the evaluation of circular economy principles.

Paris change d’ère : vers la neutralité carbone en 2050

Heading towards carbon neutrality in 2050. (In French.)

Guide d’interactions énergie climat 2 : Résilience

This guide dealst with the energy and climate issues raised as a result of global warming and the impact on the various types of built structures. Printed copies available on request. (In French.)

Bois matière d’avenir

Consult all our references in Wood together with those of the Egis group. (In French.)

Guide d’interactions énergie-climat 1 : Enveloppe

This guide is a decision aid to help select an envelope approach in view of energy and comfort performances. Printed copies available on request. (In French.)

Publication du Lab : le sol à albédo variable

An innovative experiment in climatic ground surfacing in the Part-Dieu district of Lyon. (In French.)

Petit manuel de transition énergétique

Simple and available solutions to transform the urban environment. Printed copies available on request. (In French.)