The project aims to rehabilitate and improve the public’s access conditions to the floors of the Centre Pompidou, in particular by acting on the thermal and visual comfort and safety of all exterior walkways and their curved glass ‘chenille’ which overlooks the Piazza, whose framework, escalators and facades have remained unchanged since the building’s opening in 1977.

The existing structure of the building remains unchanged under this project. The new facades of the track and walkways are designed to not exceed 5% in extra loading compared to existing facades. Access to the escalators require the creation of a new facade structure which brings the facades to the level of the drum doors. Load recovery is also required at level 1 due to the widening of the crawler track access bridge and the widening of the desired passageway to the location of the drum doors at the Centre facade. All of the curved glass enveloppes for the external escalator, walkways and entrances will be replaced.

169-architecture & Elioth are very proud to have been chosen as one of the 25 winning projects in the first Parisian accelerator program for  innovative urban and architectural projects (FAIRE experimental program). The proposal chosen concerned finding solutions for the re-use of th existing curved glass panels of the “chenille”. The 3700m² of  existing1200 glass tiles have geometries suitable for reuse an as elements of an exemplary and iconic building, these pieces have an inestimable sentimental value.

More information about re-use potentials here or thereésor-de-réemploi





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