Elioth was involved as a consultant to the architects Herzog & de Meuron for an early concept design phase of the Triangle tower. This office development is located at the heart of the exhibition centre near the ‘Porte de Versailles’ in Paris. The tower is to become the highest building of ‘intra muros’ Paris (the inner Paris), standing over the Montparnasse tower by one symbolic meter.

Beyond the concern for a real urban integration, the project aims to achieve a high energy performance as well as a high environmental quality through the HQE and BREEAM certifications.

As of the development integration within the particularly dense neighbourhood, we have carried out a preliminary CFD wind study in order to analyse the impact of the tower on the wind patterns around the site.

Shading calculations have also been performed, which has enabled us to compare the shape of the tower against that of a typical tower block of equivalent floor area, regarding the shading of the nearby buildings.

More theoretical analyses have been carried out on aspects such as the influence of the tower thickness (as it varies with height) or anfractuosities on energy usage, as a preparation to more detailed design stages.

We have also been involved with the definition of façade strategies, in interaction with the different actors of the project, by suggesting a range of concepts for the different orientations. Elioth has taken part to the dialogues on façade technology (opportunity for double-skin façade and its configuration, glazing ratio etc…), relevant solar shading (both on thermal and glare aspects), while aiming to channel as much natural light as possible into the working areas.



  • City : Paris
  • Client : Unibail -Rodamco
  • Surface area : 100 000 m² SHON
  • Team : Herzog et De Meuron,, Iosis & Elioth, Setec
  • Services : Eco-engineering and energy efficiency (Paris Climate Plan) HQE+BREEAM certifications