Elioth’s façade engineers were in charge of the analysis, the design and the supervision of the construction works for the envelope of the Claude Bernard’s 3 office towers. Located on the boulevard MacDonald which borders the ring road, the Claude Bernard Priority Development area is one of the first green districts in Paris. The 3 buildings were designed following an outdoor implementation principle within a supporting configuration structure of the pierced wall type. Footbridges link one building to the other. Elioth undertook a great number of optimization studies which aimed at the HQE certification and also the THPE (High energy performance) label: daylight calculations, orientation optimization, calculation of surface heat factors, static analyses, choice of materials, taking into account the types of occupancy and building maintenance,…The 3 buildings were officially opened on 3rd July 2012.

The A2 building incorporates large enamelled glass fills and hidden sash frames. The façade incorporates movable external sun protection. Building B2 has a double façade on the South, East and West exhibitions. The exterior “skin” is achieved by inclined sunshades designed for optimal management of solar and luminous contributions. A technical passage is arranged between the two facades to allow easy maintenance of the surfaces. The C2 building incorporates enamelled lightweight / transom fills and double ventilated frames in part vision. This innovative façade technology allows to block the solar contributions outside the thermal barrier while keeping a completely smooth façade. The connecting gates between the buildings are made up of large glazed modules with edge-to-edge junction.



  • City : Paris 19th district
  • Client : BNP Paribas Immobilier
  • Surface area : 41 000m² SHON A2 Building: 2000 m²/B2 Building: 16000m² C2 Building: 12000m²
  • Budget : 80 M€
  • Team : A2 Building: ECDM Architects/B2 Building: Jacques Ferrier Architect/C2 Building: SHI Architects/Engineers: Egis Bâtiments/Elioth Façade engineering
  • Services : Façade design


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