City : Nancy
Client : Solorem + CUGN
Architecte : Agence Nicolas Michelin
Surface area : 7 hectares

In 2013, Elioth delivered the first part of the Artem gallery in Nancy: a street covered with coloured glass, supported by a steel origami. In designing the metal structure and the details of the shell, Elioth worked in perfecting the thermal passivity of this urban buffer space, a new generation of temperate greenhouse. The aim was to create a ‘permanent spring season in Nancy,’ without the use of mechanical devices. Since this time, Elioth has continued to analyze the results of the Canadian wells it had developed. These air-ground heat exchangers are a way of freely and ecologically controlling the climate of the covered street.

ARTEM is the acronym of art, technology and management, three disciplines which will be taught on this new campus in Nancy. Situated in the very heart of city, it will welcome more than 3,500 students with as its vocation ”to prepare the artists, the engineers and the managers of tomorrow to work together”…

Elioth contributes to this project in its three fields of expertise, project-managing the covered main street comprising the Artem program. Elioth thus designed and supervised the construction of the gallery (structure and envelope) and provided environmental expertise across the whole campus, working alongside the agency Nicolas Michelin et Associés.

The gallery Artem is a sizeable and extremely fine pleated steel structure. In the city of Jean Prouvé, Elioth paid specific attention to the execution of details such as seeking extreme lightness in the structure. The primary structure (more than 300 meters) was combined with the glass and façade structure to underline the architectural intention.

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