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Studies / R&D : Elioth by Egis

To integrate renewable energies within an urban context represents a major issue for sustainable town planning. Towns, due to high population density and related activities, attain very high levels of energy consumption and Greenhouse gas emissions. Yet, it is in towns that very little space is generally available for the installation of energy production systems. Photovoltaic shade structures offer a perfect solution for they can be installed in car parks which are in use, they add value not only for the obvious solar energy production but they also provide shading for cars, waste water management, etc…

Elioth proposes a new low-cost design which enhances the power production of car park solar shading. Taking inspiration from concentrated solar power systems, Elioth’s photovoltaic shade structure is based on the principal of sunlight concentration by means of a fixed sun reflector. The aim is to use a mirror to reflect a maximum of sunlight onto the photovoltaic surface area so as to increase electric power production. In order to amplify solar concentration on the photovoltaic surface area, Elioth has developed more sophisticated computer aided design tools to optimize the geometry of the concentrator, based on the use of genetic algorithms.

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