EDF Low Carbon 2015 competition – Winner

169 Architecture

Maîtrise d’ouvrage : EDF / Lille 3000
Team : 169 architecture, Obras, Elioth
Surface area : 15 ha
Timescale :  designs 2015

The 2015 edition of the Low Carbon Competition focussed for the first time on the scale of an existing district of Lille, looking towards 2050. This initiative was part of the Lille 3000 programme whose theme that year was “Renaissance”.

The competition asked participants to design the transformation of a district by projecting it into the future, taking into account climate warming and greenhouse gas reduction requirements.

Expertise employed

Foresight study to 2050
Integration of renewable energy
Low carbon principles
Systemic studies

Illustration : © Diane Berg

Our winning project, “The Factory of the Renaissance” offers a very precise and clear prospective vision, a true account of the world and society in 2050. In this general, planetary scenario, with fast-depleting resources, waterway transport and eco-cars are predominant, while recycling and resource recovery are the norm.

Our project draws on the concept of the city factory (reintroducing production into the city for the benefit of the city) and the idea of an urban system that is open and endlessly adaptable to needs. The forward-looking scenario develops a principle of urban reclamation with several interesting and “futuristic” ideas.

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Pierre-Arnaud VOUTAY

directeur général


Responding to the climate emergency by sustainably transforming urban fabric.

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