Montparnasse tower

City : Paris 15
Client : L’EITMM (Ensemble Immobilier Tour Maine-Montparnasse)
Equipe : Nouvelle AOM : Frank Linazzi Chartier-Dalix Hardel & Lebihan
Surface area : 120 000 m² of floor space / 40 000 m² of facade

In 2030, the city of Paris will be able to breathe again. In osmosis with the climate, the wind, the light of the sky, the Montparnasse tower will be a tower of its time.

” Super-passive “, raised to the rank of the most efficient new buildings, it has even surpassed them, in terms of carbon footprint, by saving part of the resources necessary for its reconstruction. The virtuous tower is the oxymoron that the choice of a rehabilitation makes possible, by prolonging the lifespan of the structure and its foundations, the constructive elements generating the most greenhouse gases during construction.

” Super-passive “


A first in positive and low-carbon renovation, the new Montparnasse Tower,, will have reduced its energy consumption by 10 times compared to the original project. In the similar way as a Glider aircraft, it will be autonomous for 70% of its operating time, during which it will not use any active systems. A very ‘Parisian’ tower; ultra-contextual and symbiotic, its integration within the district will be based on improving urban air comfort and on the logic of the mutual benefits of energy complementarity.

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Guillaume MEUNIER

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