batiment MurMure


Contracting authority : Batipart
Team : Elioth by Egis, & Givry, ORFEO, G-ON, GG, INEX, EOC, GVI, EVP, Lamoureux Acoustics, A&SE, CC Ingénierie
Surface area : 9000m²
Phase : PRO in progress

Rehabilitation of the former electrical transformer Enedis Nation 1, located at 67 boulevard de Charonne in the 11th arrondissement of Paris, in order to make the most of its 9,000 square meters to turn it into an innovative center dedicated to the music and sound professions… The program includes 2,000 square meters of recording studio, and a huge interior street with bars, restaurants, audiophile stores and concept stores all oriented towards the world of music, sound, its creation and its listening. 

Expertise employed

Nearly a century old, Nation 1’s carbon footprint has long since paid for itself. Against an outdated façadism, we preserve as much as possible of the existing in order to increase the ecological cost of the original construction as little as possible. Reuse, minimal additions and bio-sourced materials complete our carbon approach.

A sober renovation of the envelope and technical systems, an atrium that channels light to the lowest spaces of the project, exterior solar protection and an optimized natural summer ventilation strategy will ensure the thermal and visual comfort of the occupants while limiting the building’s energy consumption. 

Murmure’s basements have an extraordinary character. Their occupancy brings a programmatic attractiveness to an atypical place for which natural light is allowed where it is usually difficult to claim access.

In addition, Elioth by Egis has conducted studies considering the use of basement energy through the Canadian well located 10m underground.

(c) & Givry

Focus on renewable energy potentials

Whether through photovoltaic or geothermal energy, we have studied the renewable energy potential of the Murmure project, in order to make reliable solutions that are energy and economically viable while seeking to limit the project’s carbon emissions. The Canadian well in a dense urban environment generates too high an investment cost for excavation and considering the risks of soil pollution, we will keep only the photovoltaic solution for the production of renewable energy.

Study of Canadian wells: principles and constraints 

Thus, we present below the studies that we have carried out upstream.

The project seemed particularly adapted to the implementation of a geothermal solution such as the Canadian well, since it goes to a depth of more than 10m, thus benefiting from the important thermal inertia of the earth’s mass, going in search of a sustainable and de-carbonated energy, that of the earth. The Canadian well complements the HVAC systems and allows to pre-heat or pre-cool the fresh air before injecting it into the project, thus reducing the need for heating in winter and cooling in summer. An outside air intake is required, as well as blower outlets.

This study was carried out in accordance with the “Climatic Well, Design and Sizing” Guide of March 2015 of the “Grenelle Environnement 2012” program.



Canadian Wells: Costs – Energy – Carbon


Calculation of light autonomy

murMure - ventilation

Ventilation, phase APD & CFD

CFD - MurMure - Elioth
MurMure _ nation

(c) & Givry

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