Office national des forêts (ONF)

Town : Maison-Alfort, France
Client : Office national des forêts (ONF)
Equipe : Vincent Lavergne Architecture + Atelier WOA, Egis Concept (elioth), Egis Bâtiment, Hervé, Mathis, Réolian Multitec
Surface area : 7 760m² floor space
Calendrier : construction due to start spring 2020

Global performance contract including design, construction, operation and maintenance relating to the construction of the French National Forestry Office of its headquarters.

ONF wishes for the construction of a wooden framed building to serve as a landmark reference, promoting the technologies of wood construction and highlighting the know-how of the wood industry. The ONF headquarters must lead by example in environmental matters by reflecting an individualised global approach. The consortium succeeded in making the project exemplary in terms of carbon footprint by obtaining level E3C2 in E+C- certification, and the “Excellence” level in the BBCA certification process.

This building will accommodate approximately 365 workstations and offer a layout designed for new working methods, incorporating the national dimension of the general management. The building with approximately 7760 m² of floor space will additionally include an incubator for innovative companies working in the wood sector, and an underground car park.

Expertises sollicitées

Design and construction supervision of all wooden structure, main structure and foundations packages

Carbon footprint assessment target E3C2 and Excellence level of BBCA, studies of natural lighting, energy consumption and comfort by dynamic thermal simulation, estimation of natural ventilation flows by CFD.

The wood used for the construction is supplied by ONF with a guarantee of traceability by the consortium.

Numerical wind flow studies allowed us to ensure that the natural ventilation rate was sufficient to dispense with mechanical ventilation and that indoor comfort (air speed < 1m/s) was respected.

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