Pathé Cinema, Clichy, France


Contracting authority: Les Cinémas Pathé Gaumont
Team: Loci Anima, Elioth
Surface area:  SDP 1346 m² / 85 m² de façade
Studies: 2019 / Construction work: 2019-2020 / Delivery: 2020

Rehabilitation of a 4 screen cinema and renovation of the facade, located avenue de Clichy in Paris. Implementation of a 40 m² monolithic shell based on flax fiber composite. The shell envelops the facade and frames an LED screen. It turns over in a free form to match the existing facade. Smooth glass facades in the ground floor and R+1.

Expertise employed

Follow-up of the façade studies, synthesis of the interfaces and coordination with the other lots to give life to the architectural ambitions in terms of form and materiality. Research and development of a constructive solution meeting the geometrical and technical specifications of the shell. Follow-up of the construction site and validation of the mechanical characteristics of the hull.

Chantier 02 - Levage coque
Cinema Pathe - facade elioth
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