Sol Albedo Variable_ Elioth

Variable albedo ground

City: Lyon
Client: Mission Part-Dieu
Team: Elioth / AUC / Lyon Part-Dieu / Grand Lyon métropole / Ecocité / Caisse des Dépôts
Surface area: 35ha

Here, the aim is to invent new ground surface materials with specific heat properties to fight against urban heat island, but also improve temperature conditions in winter weather conditions… are these contradictory goals?

Expertise deployed

Design and manufacture of a climate regulating ground surface prototype

Unlike a conventional paving material using only a fixed value albedo to reduce its impact on heat during the summer, the experiment consists of creating a surface with variable climate properties according to the season. Cooler ground in summer and warmer in winter. The aim is to combine micro-geometry relating to the trajectory of the sun with the use of various materials with different thermal properties. The seasonal differentiation is achieved by employing the appropriate geometry.


Standalone weather station:

– ultrasound anemometer (measuring air speed)
– pyranometer (measuring the power of the sun)
– air temperature (2 measurements at 2 heights)
– solar panel

Movable albedometer
Rain gauge
Infrared camera (surface temperature)
Acquisition units
Sunlight sensor

Sensor measuring temperature of:
– air (2cm above)
– the surface (on the top and in the slab)

45 sensors x 1 measurement every 15 mins x 6 months = 800,000 data

Experimentation table with its 12 samples

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Pierre-Arnaud VOUTAY

directeur général