Elioth was in charge of environmental project management in the design / implementation of the project.

More precisely, an approach has been put in place according to the HQE standard, with the objective of establishing the HQE certification operation (pilot operation), a first for this type of building, with the objective of CODAH. All necessary technical studies have been carried out: dynamic thermal simulation, CO2 balance, FLJ study …



  • City : Le Havre
  • Client : CODAH (communauté de l’agglomération havraise)
  • Surface area : Locaux stade : 15 000 m²
  • Budget : 301 k€
  • Team : Vinci / SCAU-KSS / Egis Centre-ouest / Elioth
  • Services : Maitrise d'œuvre environnementale en conception réalisation du grand stade de l'agglomération havraise


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