BBCA référentiel - conception elioth

BBCA low carbon district

Team : Elioth + CSTB
Timescale :  may 2018

Development of a low carbon approach at the scale of the Neighbourhood, which will be used in a second stage to define the future “BBCA Neighbourhood” benchmark.

The objective affirmed by the Paris agreement is to limit global warming to 2°C. To achieve this, we will have to both drastically reduce our greenhouse gas emissions and increase our capacity to store the carbon we have emitted. By the second half of the century, we should not emit more greenhouse gases than we are able to absorb. This is called carbon neutrality. This neutrality set as an objective by the Paris agreement is included as one of the objectives in the government’s climate plan for 2050.

Expertise deployed

Prospective carbon study and datadesign / graphic design

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Pierre-Arnaud VOUTAY

directeur général