Claude Bernard Priority Development Area​

City : Paris 19
Client : BNP Paribas Immobilier
Team : Bât. A2 : Emmanuel Combarel Dominique Marrec (ECDM) / Bât. B2 : Jacques Ferrier Architectures (JFA) / Bât. C2 : Sauerbruch Hutton International (SHI) / Egis bâtiments / Elioth BET Façades
Surface area : 41 000 m² SHON Bât. A2 : 2 000 m² / Bât B2 : 16 000 m² / Bât. C2 : 12 000 m²

Elioth’s façade engineers were in charge of the analysis, the design and the supervision of the construction works for the envelope of the Claude Bernard’s 3 office towers. Located on the boulevard MacDonald which borders the ring road, the Claude Bernard Priority Development area is one of the first green districts in Paris. The 3 buildings were officially opened on 3rd July 2012.


The 3 buildings were designed following an outdoor implementation principle within a supporting configuration structure of the pierced wall type. Footbridges link one building to the other.

The A2 building incorporates large enamelled glass fills and hidden sash frames. The façade incorporates movable external sun protection. Building B2 has a double façade on the South, East and West exhibitions. The exterior “skin” is achieved by inclined sunshades designed for optimal management of solar and luminous contributions. A technical passage is arranged between the two facades to allow easy maintenance of the surfaces. 

Elioth undertook a great number of optimization studies which aimed at the HQE certification and also the THPE (High energy performance) label: daylight calculations, orientation optimization, calculation of surface heat factors, static analyses, choice of materials, taking into account the types of occupancy and building maintenance,…

The C2 building incorporates enamelled lightweight / transom fills and double ventilated frames in part vision. This innovative façade technology allows to block the solar contributions outside the thermal barrier while keeping a completely smooth façade. The connecting gates between the buildings are made up of large glazed modules with edge-to-edge junction.

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directrice déléguée / responsable pôles façades.

Pierre-Arnaud VOUTAY

directeur général


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