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Majunga tower

New type of tower in La Defense with Viguier

La Défense, Paris 2009

The Maxwell's Devil

Positive Infrastructure #5



Passive CPV | Positive Infrastructure #6


Tour Triangle

Low energy tower with Herzog & de Meuron

Paris 2008

Ignis Mutat Res

Looking at Architecture, the City and the Landscape Through the Prism of Energy

Paris-Milan-Shanghai 2012

Varanasi Footbridge

Parametric lattice


Gothenburg Rivercity

Urban Prospective with GRAU

Suède 2011

50k Housings

for Bordeaux with OMA

Bordeaux 2010

Austerlitz station neighbourhood

with Jean Nouvel et AREP

Paris 2008

Majlis (Bahrein)

Sustainable hospitality with Moatti&Rivère

Manama 2009

Generali Tower


Courbevoie 2007

Random Solar Massing

Solar gain optimization by Elioth

Copenhaguen 2008

Nya Arstafaltet

Stockholm ecodistrict with Archi5

Stockholm 2009

Seguin island

Sustainable urban planning with Jean Nouvel

Boulogne-Billancourt 2010

Jeddah Airport

Leed & Complex Structures with ADPi

Jeddah 2009

Bel-Air Water tank

Solar heating storage by Eliot | Positive Infrastructure #3

Montreuil-sous-Bois 2008

School Complex

with Archi 5 prod

Chatenay-Malabry 2010

Caen la Mer library

with OMA (Rem Koolhaas)

Caen 2010

Low cost CSP technology

Solar design by Elioth

Jonzac 2010


Solar neighbourhood

Schiltigheim 2010

The Grand Paris

A metropolitan prospective in team with Jean Nouvel, AREP & MCD

Paris 2008


R&D by Elioth

Paris 2009

N20 Office

Solar updraft with Michelin

Bordeaux 2008

Musée des Civilisations

Updraft on Reunion Island (with X'Tu)

Ile de la Réunion 2009